• John Hardy: Legends Naga Collection

In addition to writing and editing pieces for magazines and digital publications, I also collaborate with brands to create content and tell compelling stories. Through my extensive experience writing about fashion and culture in an editorial capacity, I’ve crafted a uniquely intuitive voice (adaptable to your brand) that engages consumers, ultimately building the relationship that drives sales.

Currently, I’m a freelance senior digital copywriter for John Hardy, an artisan-crafted luxury jewelry brand. I work directly with the marketing team to develop and refine the tone of voice, and my writing duties include:

* Landing page copy (taglines, shop copy, campaigns)
* E-mail campaigns corresponding to the weekly cadence and larger annual concepts (Holiday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, etc.)
* Proofreading and editing conceptual decks
* Gift card copy
* Hotel partnerships copy
* Blog posts
* Trigger emails
* FAQ copy for shipping, returns, repairs, jewelry care, etc.

Previously, I was a fashion copywriter for Bloomingdale’s, contributing elevated, brand-right product descriptions and romance copy adhering to SEO best practices. I wrote for a wide range of categories, including women’s ready to wear, women’s plus and petite, shoes, fine jewelry, swim, lingerie, luxury bags, and men’s ready to wear.

Prior to that, I was the Senior Editor for Aritzia, where I joined a team of writers and editors who launched the Canadian fashion label’s global eCommerce web site and magazine. While there, I helped develop an engaging, clever copywriting voice for the brand. My duties also included conceiving and executing new content franchises, marketing opportunities, and other creative concepts for both the eCommerce site and in-store promotion. In addition to booking and editing pieces featuring high-profile talent for the magazine, I wrote e-mail campaigns, romance copy, product descriptions, and fashion landing page copy.

I’m also building my portfolio as a technical and B2B copywriter—with a fashion-related twist. My current client base includes OPEX Corporation, which manufactures the Perfect Pick, an automatic robotic picker that maximizes online order fulfillment for small to mid-sized eCommerce businesses. My duties there include content marketing, content editing, and blog concept development.

Want all that (and more) in handy chronological format? Please check out my LinkedIn profile.