She’s The One: Alexa Chung | Aritzia

Category: Fashion, Literature
Publication: Aritzia

She’s The One: In her new diary-meets-moodboard memoir, It, Alexa Chung divulges her style secrets, heartbreak cures, and tips for becoming a karaoke superstar

Alexa Chung has officially dispelled the myth that an It girl—any girl really, including her—can wake up and immediately nail her brand of low-key-London-cool. “Looking effortless takes a lot of effort,” she writes in It, her pretty, pink-covered book that’s part style guide, part scrapbook, and reads like a revealing e-mail she just dashed off to a new friend. We asked Chung for a behind-the-scenes peek into some of the photographs in It, and found out, not surprisingly, that her real life is just as glamorous as it looks.

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