Aritzia is a Canadian design house and fashion boutique, founded in Vancouver, B.C. and now sold worldwide. The company develops its own lines within the larger brand—Wilfred, Le Fou, and TNA are my personal favorites—treating each as an independent label with its own aesthetic. In 2013, I became Aritzia’s Senior Editor. For the next year, I worked with a small creative team to launch and The Magazine.
In addition to developing Aritzia’s warm, charming, in-the-know tone of voice, I was responsible for crafting a targeted omnichannel strategy that encompassed the new site and Aritzia’s bespoke storefronts. I touched all copy that ran through the brand, from e-mail campaigns to landing page copy to staff communications and more. While writing product descriptions and emails was a big part of my role, my work also extended to some beautiful editorial features—read on for more about The Magazine, below.

The Magazine
Aritzia’s biweekly fashion journal, The Magazine, captured and promoted the effortless appeal of the brand. The Magazine quickly grew into a unique digital space where the Aritzia woman could find fashion and culture inspiration. As Senior Editor, I pitched, assigned, edited, and wrote dozens of features, top or first edited all content, and booked high-profile talent. I also had the distinct pleasure of interviewing and profiling a wide range of rising stars, from new bands, actors, and authors to food bloggers, ballet dancers, and graffiti artists.