Tradlands is a sustainable, direct-to-consumer womenswear brand that’s focused on perfecting effortless, high-quality wardrobe essentials. The company is inspired by thoughtful tailoring, expert details, and quality fabrics, resulting in capsule collections of timeless pieces like button-ups, t-shirts, chinos, and jackets, all crafted in small batches. In 2018, prior to a site redesign, I was brought on to build a new verbal personality for the brand. First, I created a new tagline—”Effortless, refined, quality essentials”—to best express the Tradlands ethos. Next, I refreshed their ecommerce copy with landing page headlines, product descriptions, emails, and pop-ups that embodied the brand’s friendly, confident voice. Coinciding with the relaunch of, I also developed copy for a successful, size-inclusive “Women of Tradlands” campaign, which featured real women—not models!—wearing the clothes.

“Effortless, refined, quality essentials.”

We make the best clothes for lifestyles as diverse as your days.”